some bootscripts doesn't work (loadproc?) lfs-cvs

Rob van Dam r_vandam at
Thu May 20 01:11:02 PDT 2004

>First, you are on the wrong list. If you are going to build a non-stable 
>LFS release you should use either lfs-dev or lfs-hackers, depending on 
>whether you are building a "testing" or "unstable" release, respectively.
>This problem is already fixed in newer bootscripts releases; what 
>release did you use? The book is currently at 2.1.1-pre1.

I am a little late with responding, because my e-mail provider was down, 
and I thought there was no response.

Sorry I was in the wrong list. I had indeed a bootscript release before 
2.1.1-pre1, and I will correct this.

Thanks for the help.


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