LFS5.1 Boot Hags -> Loopback

Keith Antoine kantoine at optusnet.com.au
Sat May 22 17:40:45 PDT 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:

> Keith Antoine wrote:
>> If I remember from a few days ago when someone else asked, the answer 
>> was that you accepted default for the kernel
>> cpu instaed of selecting your installed cpu type. Yep my memory is 
>> crap nowadays but am sure this was correct.
> No, that's not it at all. There were some versions of lfs-bootscripts 
> that were broken, and those were in the unstable book branch for a few 
> days. They were never in the stable branch, and they are not in the 
> unstable branch anymore. That's why I asked exactly which book and 
> bootscripts version was used. If he's using the unstable branch and is 
> unable to diagnose this problem (especially when it has already been 
> reported), then he shouldn't be using the unstable branch (and this 
> was also the wrong list to report it to).

Ah! I stand corrected, thanks. Thats what you get with a 70 yr old 
memory <|:))

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