problem with binutils 2.14

linux syria linux at
Mon May 24 07:21:37 PDT 2004

hello every one:
when i type the command:
../binutils-2.14/configure \--prefix=/tools --disable-nls

it start like :
loading cash ./
checking host system type ..i686-pc-linux-gnu
checking target system type ..i686-pc-linux-gnu
checking build system type ..i686-pc-linux-gnu
/tools/bin/ld : unrecognized option '--as-needed'
/tools/bin/ld : use the --help for usage information
collect2 : ld return 1 exit status
** the command 'gcc -o conftest -g -02 conftest.c' faild
** you must set the enviroment variable CC to working compiler .

although i do exactly as they type in the 5.0 book .

any body can help me??
PS: am using fedora core2 .


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