problem with binutils 2.14

linux syria linux at
Mon May 24 07:44:58 PDT 2004

but my freind build his own LFS using FC1 .

and i try to build it using SUSE 9.0 and i stop in glibc error ( i cant 
remember right now ), even when i use RH9 i had the same error ??(as i 
remember )
so which distro is good for me can you tell me ??
what is the distro that you are using??

thank you Kevin

"Kevin P. Fleming" <kpfleming at> wrote in message 
news:40B2070E.50904 at
> linux syria wrote:
>> any body can help me??
>> PS: am using fedora core2 .
> LFS 5.0 (and 5.1) cannot be built from FC2 as a host, without making 
> changes to the book. You are trying to use a host that is much newer than 
> the LFS you are trying to build, and this is causing a problem.
> You can either try using an older host, or waiting for a newer LFS (or try 
> the "unstable" LFS book, but it is not intended for new users). 

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