glibc-compile error

Keith Antoine kantoine at
Mon May 24 16:02:55 PDT 2004

Jeremy Utley wrote:

> Keith Antoine wrote:
>> Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
>>> Keith Antoine wrote:
>>>> checking size of long double... configure: error: cannot compute 
>>>> sizeof (long double), 77
>>> Known bug, introduced in glibc on April, 17. Details: Glibc 
>>> configure script wants to run a test program linked against 
>>> /tools/lib/ But this directroy is not in the library 
>>> search path, and therefore the compiled program won't run. To work 
>>> around this:
>>> LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/tools/lib ../glibc-2.3.4-20040510/configure --stuff
>>> make
>>> make install
>> Many thanks for the informative reply and solution. However I am 
>> still a bit unsure.
>> In Chapter 5 on installing glibc the configure command has many other 
>> selections
>> also in it than the one you presented. Are the others defunt now i.e 
>> --disable-profile
>> --enable-add-ons=linuxthreads and so on.
> Use the brains god gave a goose and under stand that he didn't want to 
> type all of that out, so instead did it as he did.
> -J-

Umm, I am sure the original poster would not be as intolerant of me as 
you certainly are; Young are You, yes must be!
See my sig block, I am medically handicapped after a serious heart 
attack which starved the barin of bloodflow, I am
an nusciance 'oldie' (over 70). I had many years in computing on and 
off, starting in 56 with Tommy Flowers on colossus
5. Unfortunately the problem robbed me and now it takes ages to do what 
I did in seconds. I was young ance but hopefully
I was not intolerant nor acted like a 15 yr old if I could help it. I 
trust that you will get old and find out its no picnic.

BTW some long time after sending message I reread it and then wondered 
if that was the case. Not to pick on the Aleexander
but if he had used (add otherstuff) instead of --stuff which on a glance 
looked like a command then I just might have picked it up.

I trust you have a 'nice' day too

Keith Antoine 
18 Arkana St, The Gap, Queensland, Australia PH:61-7-33002161
Practising Registered geriatric: Sometime electronics engineer: Brain in Storage:

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