[LFS 5.1 - runit] /proc is empty (sorry, stupid question)

feanorelf at fastwebnet.it feanorelf at fastwebnet.it
Tue May 25 02:41:14 PDT 2004

> Try changing it to mountkernfs.  See the wiki version of the runit hint.


That's what I already did after reading better your hint, and that's why
I called it a stupid question: last night, after being patient for a couple
of weeks installing my LFS I got too hurried with the final steps. I should
have read better the hint.
In any case, these little problems are welcome, as long as they force me
to a 'full immersion' about bootscripts.

By the way, as I have set up the personal firewall as per BLFS book, I was
wondering at which point of the boot sequence it should be proper to bring
it on. At present I added the line to execute the firewall script in /runit/1
just before 
bringing up the network.

Thank you, 

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