dpkg/apt as package manager over temp lfs system 5.0

Miguel Bazdresch lfs-01 at thewizardstower.org
Thu May 27 03:42:47 PDT 2004

* Subir pradhanang <subir at mpp.org.np> [2004-05-27 11:41]:
> I have successfully installed lfs 5.0 twice.
> Objective:
> Now my idea is to install temporary lfs system (chapter 5). And then install dpkg and apt packages to make debian packages (.deb) from source and install them over the temporary lfs system for all other packages (chapter 6).

I think this should go to blfs-support, as package management is beyond
the scope of lfs.

> Problem:
> But when I tried to compile apt_0.5.4.tar.gz, I got the following error:

Your error looks a lot like apt can't be compiled with newer gcc's. Try
with 2.95, or look for specific patches for it.

Miguel Bazdresch

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