Where to find Low Latency and Supermount Patches?

The Other sstubbs at shout.net
Thu May 27 06:08:51 PDT 2004

If this is not the correct list to ask this question, please forgive me 
and direct me to the correct list.

I've recently finished the LFS 5.0 book and have a working kernel.  
Wahoo!  My geek side hasn't been this happy since 1984 when I ported 
MVP-Forth from the Apple II to the Atari 1200 using Assembly language.

I'll be rebuilding to LFS 5.1 this weekend.  I plan to use my PII-MMX 
350Mhz box for audio work, and will need the low-latency patches.  
Mandrake 9.1 has spoiled me with Supermount.

I've got the 2.4.25-low-latency.patch.gz.  Will this work for the 2.4.26 
kernel in LFS 5.1?

I've got supermount-1.2.11a-2.4.24.patch.gz.  Will this work for the 
2.4.26 kernel?

Thank you,
The Other

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