Where to find Low Latency and Supermount Patches?

Michael Jackson proclaimation at yahoo.com
Thu May 27 10:38:59 PDT 2004

--- The Other <sstubbs at shout.net> wrote:
> If this is not the correct list to ask this
> question, please forgive me 
> and direct me to the correct list.
> I've recently finished the LFS 5.0 book and have a
> working kernel.  
> Wahoo!  My geek side hasn't been this happy since
> 1984 when I ported 
> MVP-Forth from the Apple II to the Atari 1200 using
> Assembly language.
> I'll be rebuilding to LFS 5.1 this weekend.  I plan
> to use my PII-MMX 
> 350Mhz box for audio work, and will need the
> low-latency patches.  
> Mandrake 9.1 has spoiled me with Supermount.
> I've got the 2.4.25-low-latency.patch.gz.  Will this
> work for the 2.4.26 
> kernel in LFS 5.1?
> I've got supermount-1.2.11a-2.4.24.patch.gz.  Will
> this work for the 
> 2.4.26 kernel?
> Thank you,
> The Other
> -- 
I got my patches from Planet CCRMA kernel rpm. I used
the 2.4.25 patch on compiling a 2.4.26 kernel and it
is working fine (there's other patches that are
recommended like the caps & preemptible kernel patch).
You can go here to check it out:
They also have patched red hat kernels. some of these
patches I refuse to install until I have more
information. Plus I want to add clustering to my
system, either by patching the kernel or as a module.

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