initrd don't work

Andre nospam at
Thu May 27 13:39:38 PDT 2004


> 1. if i use the gzip compressed initrd the kernel can't read it

can you post the error message and also provide more details on how you
created the initrd, i.e. creating the ramdisk, populating it etc.

> 2. the cramfs option of the script mkinitrd don't exist

I've never used cramfs and I don't use mkinitrd

> 3. if i append root=/dev/hda1 the kernel don't read the initrd, if i
> root=/dev/ram0 the kernel don't find init

Can you post lilo.conf (if you are using that) or other config file

> reiserfs and ext2 are compiled in kernel, almost all other things are
> modules.

did you make sure to set these when building the kernel:


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