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Sat May 29 05:42:49 PDT 2004

On Tue, 25 May 2004, Felix Jodoin wrote:

> On 22-May-04, at 5:45 AM, Bill's LFS Login wrote:
> > I was thinking that you may have omitted the disabling of the bash
> > hashing function (+h or hash -r, see bash man page, SHELL BUILTIN
> > COMMANDS) that is specified in the book. Figured maybe that was the
> > problem. Typing a naked hash will tell you if hashing is disabled or
> > not. If not, it should be disabled.
> >
> Okay, how do I type a naked hash?

At a command-line prompt, type in 'hash' (without the quotes) and hit
the ENTER key. E.g.

    $ hash
hits    command
   1    /usr/bin/fetchmail
   1    /home/billm/bin/Fetchmail
   1    /bin/ls
   1    /usr/bin/dig


    $ set +h
    $ hash
    -su: hash: hashing disabled

Man bash is chock-full of stuff you need to know.

> Specifically, what should I do if it
> is enabled?

That's in the book - follow it's instructions. At various points of
entering shells and chroots, there are things to do. Disabling hashing
is one of those things _in_certain_instances_.

> Thanks in advance, Felix.

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