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Nathan Coulson conathan at
Sat May 29 12:20:58 PDT 2004

> Mark Carey wrote:
>> Ok so I have a working (or seemingly so) LFS5.0 system however I built
>> kernel 2.4.26 rather than 2.4.22, I am progressing through BLFS and am
>> about to build xserver however I am worried that a message I get
>> on boot will prevent the mouse from working.
>> I have the line from pp 195,
>> ``usbfs /proc/bus/usb usbfs defaults 0 0''
>> in /etc/fstab when the machine boots up I get an error, which is not
>> visible in dmesg, which indicates that the mount point does not exist.
>> So I try to make it, and mkdir refuses to work.
> Grrrr... where did this line come from? I was the original author of
> this "usb" section and the line reads differently.

the usbfs line was always on the creation of /etc/fstab...  not sure when
it was introduced but it was long ago.

>> Why and do I need usbfs mounted? I ask because during the kernel boot
>> chatter I know the usb code sees my MS optical mouse but it doesnt know
>> whic drivers to use for it.  Do I need Greg KH's hotplug?
> The USB mouse will be seen as /dev/input/mouse0 (sorry, you have to
> figure out the correct mknod command - it is not in the book). You don't
> have to have usbfs mounted if you decided to live without hotplug.
> Hotplug is recommended, but not 100% necessary. For Hotplug instructions
> valid for 2.4.x kernels, see Hardware Detection Hint. The hotplug
> instructions in LFS CVS HEAD are for 2.6.x.
>> Any suggestions?
> You compiled usbcore ("USB Device Filesystem support") as a module or
> didn't compile it at all. Bootscripts currently don't handle usbcore
> being a module and probably won't support it in the future. And probably
> you don't need it at all if you can configure your BIOS to emulate a
> PS/2 mouse.
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