permission denied error

Keith Antoine kantoine at
Sun May 30 01:23:32 PDT 2004

Qv6 wrote:

>I am trying to cobble together my own system using instructions from the lfs.  
>Everything was going fine until I got to "mkdir ../binutils-build" and got 
>this error message ;
>lfs:~$ pwd
>lfs:~$ mkdir ../binutils-build
>mkdir: cannot create directory `../binutils-build': Permission denied.
>As you can tell, I am logged in as user lfs and in my home directory. Do I 
>need to  "su" to a different directory and issue the mkdir command or is 
>there something else I need to do.
>Any help will be appreciated

I made the same error and it took quite a while to work out as the book 
is not 'specific' as to where
one should be when you issue the commands. You should be, to start off 
with in  /mnt/lfs/sources and untar the
xxxx.tar.bz2 file you then cd into the directory you just created when 
you undid the tar. Then you issue the commands.

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