Kernel Compile Error

JazerNorth jazernorth at
Fri Sep 3 05:47:46 PDT 2004

>>-----> Error Message <-----
>>cd /lib/modules/2.4.26; \
>>mkdir -p pcmcia; \
>>find kernel -path '*/pcmcia/*' -name '*.o' | xargs -i -r ln -sf ../{} pcmcia
>>if [ -r ]; then /sbin/depmod -ae -F  2.4.26; fi
>>depmod: *** Unresolved symbols in /lib/modules/2.4.26/kernel/fs/binfmt_elf.o
>>depmod:         put_files_struct
>>depmod:         steal_locks
> 1. Almost certainly, this is nothing to do with pcmcia, that was the
> command _before_ depmod.
> 2. The kernel build system, particularly in 2.4, is not watertight and
> will allow you to select stuff as modules which depends on other things
> you either haven't build, or which perhaps need to be built as modules
> to export certain symbols.
> 3. Having said that, why do you think you can get away with binfmt_elf
> as a module ?  Quoting Documentation/
>  The module will be called binfmt_elf.o.  Saying M or N here is
>  dangerous because some crucial programs on your system might be in ELF
>  format.
> For all common platforms, s/might/will/
> Alter your .config so that this, and anything else you need when
> booting, is compiled into the kernel, save the config, make mrproper,
> copy saved config back to .config, make oldconfig and repeat.
> Ken

Thanks.  I kept changing my .config file trying to find the PCMCIA 
error, when that wasn't the error at all.  I changed the .config to 
compile ELF into the kernel, and not as a module.  When I ran make 
menuconfig I read each help to verify I was making the right choices on 
module/compiled/not include, but I obviously made an oops.

Again, thanks for the help.  This one had been drivin' me nuts.  Now 
back to the original problem of getting it to boot using SCSI and 
Reiserfs.  I already know how to conquer this one, just have to 
re-remember what I did before.  Already have SCSI and Reiserfs compiled 
in the kernel.  For now, I don't need help with that, but might if I 
can't get it figured out.



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