Compiler optimization flags in building LFS-5.1.1

Wed Sep 8 11:13:51 PDT 2004

After making my first successful build of LFS-5.1.1 (completely by the
book) I figured I'd try to redo it, this time optimized for my CPU
(Athlon XP 1800).

Have you all had much luck building LFS-5.1.1 with optimization flags set?
For instance, I used these flags:


I got as far as glibc in the temp system (ch 5) before I got an error on
the make install.

Has anyone compiled binutils, gcc, and glibc, and grub (and had the
test-suites run successfully) with these or similar optimizations? Is it
safe to use optimizations on all of the others that weren't mentioned in
the book (including the kernel)?

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