Compiler optimization flags in building LFS-5.1.1

John Gay johngay at
Wed Sep 8 16:18:42 PDT 2004

On Wed 08 Sep 2004 21:11, LEE,CHRISTIAN WELDON wrote:
> Doh... I'd hate to not be able to do any optimization on glibc,
> considering every program I install or write is pretty likely to link to
> it. That's the only one I REALLY had my heart set on optimizing.

As I understand it, glibc, gcc et-al are already pretty good at optimising 
themselves. Therefore trying to increase the optimisation only leads to 
headaches and heartache.

The configure script will auto-detect your processor and select the best 
optimisation that each can handle.

Whereas other programs don't go to the same extreme to get the best use of the 
system, and so can benefit from further optimisations. X and complex desktops 
are good candidates. X even has setting for using MMX/SSE/3DNOW 
optimisations in addition to your flag settings. There is also a jpeg-mmx lib 
that can be used by the mjpeg-tools to improve encoding.


	John Gay

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