JazerNorth jazernorth at gmail.com
Thu Sep 9 05:21:07 PDT 2004

JazerNorth wrote:
> Something happened when I was installing Heimdal with BLFS-5.1.  I had 
> to reinstall Shadow from LFS-5.1.1.  Then reinstall heimdal.  Both 
> installed correctly the second time.  Cracklib was also installed, which 
> I had to create links to the word lists that are not explained in the 
> book.  Once I got that completed, I can now login using SSH, but I can't 
> login at the computer.  My password is correct, because it works via 
> SSH.  It asks for login and password, then tells me the login is 
> incorrect, which it only does that at the computer.  Anyone have any ideas?
> Thanks.
> JN


I have now reinstalled PAM, and then ran ldconfig, and it still doesn't 
work.  I am thinking I need to redo more packages (particularly from the 
LFS-5.1 book), but am unsure as to which one.  Or, I need to fix one of 
the config files, but still unsure as to which one.  If anyone knows how 
I can get my logon at the terminal to work again, I would greatly 
appreciate it.  The logon through SSH works peachy.



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