gnumeric and -Os optimization (was: Re: Compiler optimization flags in building LFS-5.1.1)

Ken Moffat ken at
Thu Sep 9 16:34:44 PDT 2004

On Thu, 9 Sep 2004, Nico R. wrote:

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> Ken Moffat wrote:
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> > But, -Os in
> > gnumeric (and probably in other parts of gnome) on x86 is a bad idea,
> > it breaks things.
> Ken, you have mentioned this problem several times on some lists. This
> is either a gnumeric or a gcc bug. Have you reported this to the
> gnumeric development list/maintainers?
> Cheers,
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> Nico

 No, there is/was an open <whispers> gentoo </> bug on it - from memory
the gnumeric devs were going to bugzilla it to gcc if they could reduce
it to a simple case.  To be honest, the detail lost me - I was just
pleased to find an explanation for why it didn't work properly on x86
when it was ok on ppc.

 The URI will be in the gentoo ebuild for gnumeric.  Who knows, maybe
the gcc-3.4 series has fixed it.  Dagmar has also alluded to -Os
problems with gnumeric.  The point remains that -Os is a lot less
tested/used than -O2.

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