Scott Swanson DrMemory at
Fri Sep 10 08:52:22 PDT 2004

I'm brand new at this, and just looking into whether it would be feasible
or not. I've gotten _almost_ all of the packages downloaded, and wanted to
just do the first binutils compile so as to see how long an SBU is on this
_old_ machine.

I went through the steps of setting up the environment. However, the

  exec env -i HOME=$HOME....  /bin/bash

in .bash_profile does not work on this host (Mandrake 7.1 - bash 2.04.3)

I tried it on a newer system, and it works fine. Any workaround?

Appreciate any help, and if you could please email a copy directly to me,
as I'm not certain if the subscription process has worked or not.

DrMemory at starband dot net

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