Chapter 6, gcc 3.3.3, cc dummy.c fails

Ivan ivan999 at
Fri Sep 10 17:44:34 PDT 2004

Hi people,

I think I've checked the archives properly and couldn't find anything 
appropriate - apologies if I missed something!

In chapter 6, everything goes wonderfully well until I reach gcc! make 
check gives me only 3 errors - ldouble.out, ildouble.out and ifaddrs.out 
which I chose to ignore. The book indicates that math errors are possible 
and I assume that ifaddrs.out is because I haven't configured networking on 
my host system.

The real problem occurs after all of this when I test compile dummy.c - gcc 
comlains about missing library files (I'm typing this from windows because 
my host and LFS system doesn't do internet yet so I can't reproduce the 
exact errors).

At this stage the file should be in the /lib directory but it 
isn't - /lib is completely empty! I have double checked the sed command and 
I examined the specs file directly and the commands seem to be correct (ie. 
there is only one reference to /tools/lib and that reference has been 
correctly changed to /lib.

Is there an easy way around this ?

If I have to start again, at what point should I pick up ? My thoughts are 
that I can delete all of the directories etc that were created at the 
beginning of chapter 6 and just pretend that chapter 6 never happened ... 
except that I have, of course, deleted the chapter 5 binutils pass 2 
directories. Should I rebuild binutils from chapter 5 as well?

Thanks for the help.


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