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Wed Sep 15 07:27:40 PDT 2004

On Mon, 13 Sep 2004 15:29:21 -0600 (MDT) Scott Swanson
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> Well I'll be damned, there is no entry for the bash on tty6.

You probably did the ps as a different user. Do `ps axl' and you'll see
it. Or better yet, do 

ps axlfwww  >processes.txt

and post processes.txt as an attachment

> > Put the commands "echo .bashrc"  and "echo .bash_profile" at the start
> > of.bash_profile and .bashrc respectively to find out if the shell
> > hangs before or after processing the respective file. If you see at
> > least one of the 2 messages, put that message at the end of its file
> > to see if the file is processed completely or if the hang occurs while
> > processing it.
> I see the msg at the start of .bash_profile, but nothing else. I do not
> see any echo if I put a 2nd one at the end.

Good. This suggests that it hangs somewhere in the middle of processing
.bash_profile.  Add 

set -x

as the first statement to .bash_profile and post the results.


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