Scott Swanson DrMemory at
Thu Sep 16 15:12:21 PDT 2004

On Thu, 16 Sep 2004, Matthias B. wrote:

> I don't know if I've asked that already, but have you tried executing the
> command
> exec .... /bin/sh 
> manually on a login shell?
> Does it hang, too, or does the problem only occur when it's in
> .bash_profile?

exec /bin/bash
does NOT hang when executed on a login shell.

You are like me, unable to rest until the cause of such strange behaviour
is tracked down. 

Curious - what is the total "SBU" for the lfs? Based on 32 min. for the
bash, 1.0 SBU on this machine would be approx. 26.67 min. I'm thinking of
upgrading the cpu and memory first, leaving the mandrake 7.1 intact, and
then starting to build lfs. Do you think running user lfs with the
newly-compiled bash, in combo with the other old mdk 7.1 packages, will
cause any problems or not?

Back to my real job....)-:


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