Matthias B. msbREMOVE-THIS at
Fri Sep 17 12:56:56 PDT 2004

On Thu, 16 Sep 2004 16:12:21 -0600 (MDT) Scott Swanson
<DrMemory at> wrote:

> You are like me, unable to rest until the cause of such strange
> behaviour is tracked down. 

Yes, and if this were on my system I'd install the bash sources from
Mandrake and attach a gdb to the hanging process.

> Do you think running user lfs with the
> newly-compiled bash, in combo with the other old mdk 7.1 packages, will
> cause any problems or not?

I don't expect problems. When you reach chapter 6 and enter chroot, you'll
be using a good set of tools anyway.


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