Embarked System

Allard Welter allard at quicknet.nl
Sat Sep 18 14:35:02 PDT 2004

On Thursday 16 September 2004 18:45, Vincent VANDAELE wrote:
> Hello,
> The last year for my project I make a lfs and a blfs and I had a good
> mark 17/20
> Now my university wants I do a Linux for Embarked system
> So I want to know if it's possible to make a lfs and blfs for a
> Embarked system. Our Embarked system will br a pocket pc of Hewlett
> Packard
> Thank you for your responses

I think Mathew answered your question pretty well, The link John 
supplied to get you started is also available in french 
http://free-electrons.com/articles/porting/fr (You see, we can tell 
when you send something from a different e-mail address).

When I was doing research at university I used to cc my supervisor all 
requests and queries pertaining to my research. Does your supervisor 
not care where or how you obtain your info?

Furthermore, this is what www.dict.org has to say about embarked:

   1. To cause to go on board a vessel or boat; to put on

   2. To engage, enlist, or invest (as persons, money, etc.) in
      any affair; as, he embarked his fortune in trade.

Perhaps sending your pocket pc surface mail to another continent will 

You might want to look up research as well.

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