Distro for building LFS

Karl Wilbur karl at karlwilbur.net
Sun Sep 19 19:05:33 PDT 2004

Joel Miller wrote:

> Jason Brooks wrote:
>> I am using Fedora Core 2 to attempt to build LFS. I have run into problem
>> after problem as you can probably imagine.  I know I'm probably gonna 
>> start
>> an argument here, but what is the best distro to build from?  BTW I am 
>> doing
> I always do it from knoppix or an LFS boot CD. Jeremy Huntwork is hard 
> at work currently building a CD that will be released with the 6.0 book. 
> Jeremy's current version of the CD is available at
> http://mirrors.angelinacounty.net/mirrors/lfs-boot-cd/ and knoppix is 
> available at http://www.knopper.net/knopix if I'm not mistaken.

When I started building LFS I using RedHat Valhalla as my build distro until I found out about Knoppix.  

Now I too just use Knoppix.


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