Re making a real Sed

Mark Carey mark.carey at
Mon Sep 20 14:00:57 PDT 2004

Further testing revealed another, farily expectable, gotcha when
extracting or transferring files via a windows system.

The sed-4.0.8 build was failing because ./po/ was named
./po/, restoring the case sensitivity of the names to all
files in both the sed and tar sources resulted in builds that
immediately worked, and passed all tests.

For future reference, even extracting the sources on a *nix system and
then copying them to a fat/vfat file system causes this loss of the
case sensitive information in the file names.

I had caused this problem via two different routes,
1. extracting sources on windows writing to fat32 (vfat) partition and
then mounting vfat partition under lfs and copying off
2. extracting sources on linux and transferring via (vfat) usb pendrive to lfs

I eventually extracted the sources on another linux box to an ext3
file system, zipped them up under linux, my semi broken lfs box had
working unzip, unziped them on lfs and build succeeded first time.  I
just ignored the warnings about aclocal and automake.

Another solution to the problem would have been to extract the sources
on linux and scp them over to lfs (yes I have installed ssh), however
I dont yet know how to scp.  Time to learn!


Mark Carey

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