Trouble installing checkinstall

Chris cbellingham at
Tue Sep 21 05:53:33 PDT 2004

Ive just finished the lfs-5.1.1 book and it works! Want to add a package
manager to the system tho, and being used to slackware i followed the
hint at "" to install
hdsetup and checkinstall. I downloaded the hdsetup tarball from
slackware 8.0, and moved all the file as per the hint (except
pkgtool.tty which didnt seem to be included in the package, i got this
from slackware 7.1 instead). I changed the permissions for the moved
files and installed checkinstall. However, when i go to run checkinstall
to add the newly installed checkinstall to the manager, it goes as far
as asking me what package i want to create, i choose slackware (s) and
then it fails with the error:

        *** The "installpkg" program is not in your PATH!
        *** Slackware package creation aborted

installpkg resides in /usr/sbin/installpkg, and /usr/sbin is in my path.
I can indeed run installpkg from the comand line just by typing it in.

Ive also done the bit from the checkinstall f&q that refers to lfs:

        "I built my Linux system from scratch (LFS, anyone?) and nothing gets included in the packages I create with CheckInstall!
        Most likely you installed GNU make from source, which by default installs the make binary with SUID and/or SGID permissions. A quick fix:
        chmod 0755 `which make` "

Still my problem persists.

Could someone suggest a solution? Im unsure if this is just a generic
linux error or specifically to do with lfs, so appologies if this
question isnt appropriate here.


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