Kernel panic in LFS 6.0-testing-20040913

LuCKy lucky at
Thu Sep 23 16:13:27 PDT 2004

Looking at this version of the book, I wondered how the kernel will be able to 
find root device :

In "6.8.1. Creating Initial Device Nodes", we create /dev/{console,null} 
before mounting a ramfs on /dev. That's fine, we need them just after 
(during ?) kernel statup.
Then, we mount a ramfs and populate /dev. That's fine, that's what the script 
S10udev will do during sysinit runlevel.

What I don't understand is how will the kernel find the root device (/dev/hda1 
for example) before /dev is populated by S10udev. Only /dev/console 
and /dev/null exists before S10udev is completed ...

In an emergency, you can create a node in /dev for your root device along 
with /dev/console and /dev/null, but perhaps we should pre-populate some 
popular devices like /dev/{sd,hd}* in chapter 6.8.1 before mounting the 

Any thoughts ?


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