Kernel panic in LFS 6.0-testing-20040913

LuCKy lucky at
Fri Sep 24 09:12:19 PDT 2004

On Thursday 23 September 2004 22:02, Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> LuCKy wrote:
> > What I don't understand is how will the kernel find the root device
> > (/dev/hda1 for example) before /dev is populated by S10udev. Only
> > /dev/console and /dev/null exists before S10udev is completed ...
> You are missing something very basic. The kernel does not need any
> device nodes in /dev on the root filesystem to be able to mount the root
> filesystem, because it wouldn't be able to see them anyway, it hasn't
> mounted the root filesystem!
> When you pass root=/dev/hda1 to the kernel, it turns that into
> major/minor numbers directly using code in the kernel's init process.

Indeed ! The need of device nodes for the kernel would lead to a kind of lock 
(the kernel would need to open a node that belongs to a fs that would also 
need a node to be mounted).
Thanks for pointing out this. Next time, I'll think twice before posting a so 
stupid question :)


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