Runlevels and poweroff

Peter B. Steiger WYpbs_003 at
Sat Sep 25 18:28:40 PDT 2004

On Sat, 25 Sep 2004 16:49:04 -0500, Kevin Alm sez:
> As meantioned in one of the other replies, apm tends to be a little buggy
> with regards to power off on some mb's. One quick thing to try is to add
> apm=power_off to the kernel appends. On many systems, this is all that is
> needed to get it to work.

For some reason, that didn't work, although I did confirm that I have apm
compiled into the kernel (without acpi) and apm enabled in BIOS.  But when
I did a search for apm=power-off I did find a similar command for acpi,
which is acpi=force.  I turned on acpi in BIOS, added the line to my
lilo.conf, recompiled the kernel with acpi, and now it powers off just
fine.  Thanks!

I also found my mistake in misreading the rc script.  Although it
references the previous runlevel, it never actually uses that
information... instead it runs the kill scripts (K*) from the new
runlevel.  So I linked all the startup (S*) scripts in rc3.d to K scripts
in rc0.d, and the only S script in rc0.d is S99halt which does a final
umount and then calls poweroff.

peter b. steiger
cheyenne, WY

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