Runlevels and poweroff

Kevin Alm kevinalm at
Sun Sep 26 18:50:48 PDT 2004

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> On Sun, 26 Sep 2004 11:02:14 -0500, Kevin Alm sez:
> > Just to be sure you know apm=power_off    not   apm=power-off.
> > An underscore _ not a hyphen -
> Right.  When it didn't work (actually it rebooted, which I suppose is
> better than nothing) I switched to the hyphen in case that was a typo.
> Interestingly, a google for apm=power-off (hyphen) turns up far more hits
> than apm=power_off (underscore)... but as the folks on Millionaire find
> out occasionally, just because the majority of the audience gives the same
> answer doesn't mean it's the right one.
> --
> peter b. steiger
> cheyenne, WY

Yeah, you can get a lot of wrong answers. ;) I _know_ it's power_off because
my motherboard hangs at power shut off without it. Glad you got yours

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