Bash crashing during stripping

Eduard Omasta omasta at
Tue Sep 28 19:36:08 PDT 2004

On Tue, 28 Sep 2004, Ronald Hummelink wrote:

 > Eduard Omasta wrote:
 > >    The stripping works fine when I give strip commands from command
 > > line (or when invoking the script in old bash with ". stripping")
 > > but it crashes when I first invoke just built new version of bash.
 > > I wasn't able to force this new bash to crash with other commands;
 > > it works fine until I enter the above strip command. The gdb gives:
 > >
 > ...
 > First invoke the new bash: then strip this very bash executable.
 > Stripping in-use binaries and libraries can have very undesirable
 > results  (like these)

   Yes, of course! It didn't cross my mind. But now when you mentioned
it I recalled that such warning was even stated in stripping section
of Chapter 6.
   However I'm a bit surprised that the (already stripped) bash crashed
again when I tried to strip it once more while it was running. And I 
tested (md5 sums) that no binaries or library files were changed during 
this stripping. (Well, the static libraries were changed but as I found 
with cmp the only change was the date of creation of object files; 
moreover it shoudn't depend on the static libs.) However this is not too 
important for me now. I was only afraid that I had some mess in my 
tools. Thanks for your advice.

Eduard Omasta

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