LFS Based Distro Packaging?

Greg Taylor gtaylor at clemson.edu
Wed Sep 29 07:52:17 PDT 2004


I'm doing some research for my college's Linux Group on the best way to 
build and distribute a simple distribution. We aim to create a distro that 
is configured and set up to cater to the students here (certain applications 
are needed, and our network tends to be funky).

Someone suggested LFS and I visited here to find something pretty neat. 
However, I have a few questions:

#1) Given that I build from LFS, how do I then turn around and distribute 
what I have done?

#2) Are there any good/easy to configure installers out there?

#3) How in the heck do you package up your distro so the installer can use 

#4) What are the chances of using the package repository of another distro? 
(Gentoo's emerge, Debian's apt, RedHat's yumm, etc.)

I'm curious here. Even if we never take on this project, I personally find 
it very interesting and am curious on the matter. Any ideas or comments? 

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