LFS Based Distro Packaging?

Joe Fitzgerald jfitzgerald at alum.wpi.edu
Wed Sep 29 07:19:52 PDT 2004

Greg Taylor wrote:

>I'm doing some research for my college's Linux Group on the best way to 
>build and distribute a simple distribution. We aim to create a distro that 
>is configured and set up to cater to the students here (certain applications 
>are needed, and our network tends to be funky).
Two of the key things to accomplish are correct hardware detection and 
configuration, and package management, both well outside the scope of 
LFS.  For your goals, you will probably be better off  customizing an 
existing distribution.  The only thing I have any experience with is 
customizing the Knoppix "Live CD", there are instructions posted around 
the Web on how to do that.  With this approach, your students will be 
able to boot Linux off the CD without writing anythign to their hard 
drive, and if your network or application suite changes, just burn a new 
CD for them.  They can also still use their machines for Windows without 
the hassles of conventional dual booting.

Good luck!


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