LFS Based Distro Packaging?

Ronald Hummelink maillist at hummelink.xs4all.nl
Wed Sep 29 12:58:49 PDT 2004

Greg Taylor wrote:

>I'm doing some research for my college's Linux Group on the best way to 
>build and distribute a simple distribution. We aim to create a distro that 
>is configured and set up to cater to the students here (certain applications 
>are needed, and our network tends to be funky).
>Someone suggested LFS and I visited here to find something pretty neat. 
>However, I have a few questions:
>#1) Given that I build from LFS, how do I then turn around and distribute 
>what I have done?
>#2) Are there any good/easy to configure installers out there?
>#3) How in the heck do you package up your distro so the installer can use 
>#4) What are the chances of using the package repository of another distro? 
>(Gentoo's emerge, Debian's apt, RedHat's yumm, etc.)
>I'm curious here. Even if we never take on this project, I personally find 
>it very interesting and am curious on the matter. Any ideas or comments? 
LFS is an interesting project, for personal studies, for educating 
students in the innarts of Linux, but i would recommend against it if 
you want a group of computers administrated, Since LFS does nothing to 
make your life easy, you have to reinvent the wheel all the time...

You solve most of your problems by using something like Fedora or Debian.


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