How to apply patches in lfs 5.1.1 ?

Durgesh Sharma durgeshs at
Thu Sep 30 05:34:45 PDT 2004

I am using lfs 5.1.1.
How can I apply patches  ?

For Example:
Suppose I need to apply patch Expect Spawn Patch,for that I followed my lfs 5.1.1 book .
When i goto  site
there  i find some code written in.
Is there no downloadable patch file there ?
Or how can i use those "code files" to apply patches on those previously downloaded packages ?
Files with .package extensions are what ?

I am not subscribed to any of your's mentioned subsciptions so please add my mail-id to cc field, to get your 
reply in my mailbox.

Please help me.
Durgesh Sharma
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