LFS 6 from LFS 5

Justin Julian d4mography at gmail.com
Fri Apr 1 10:52:05 PST 2005


I have had several successful LFS / BLFS 4 builds from a host RedHad 8
system. I have had just as many successful and VERY straitforward
builds of LFS / BLFS 5 systems from BLFS 4 host systems.


It has it been very difficult going from BLFS 5 to LFS 6. Binutils
will not compile no matter what I do.

Before proceeding with the LFS 5-6 attempt, I re-compiled a 2.6.11
kernel using the GCC 3.X compiler. However, Binutils kept complaining
about incompatible kernel header files. It did not find GNU-MP which I
had to download and install from freshmeat. I replaced all of the 2.4
kernel header files with the kernel 2.6 header files. However, I
received all kinds of errors while compiling binutils, having to
simlink xxxx.h files to and from subfolders within /usr/include. I
gave up after simlinking the 5th header file (none of which seemed to
have consistent required sources / destinations). It appears as though
if the toolchain in LFS5 cannot be used to compile the toolchain in

I have given up and am going to use Slackware 10.1 as the host, but I
would like to know the following:

1// Has anyone built an LFS 6 system from an LFS 5 host system?
2// If yes to 1, was there anything that had to be done prior to the
build? I would be happy to re-install my BLFS 5 archive and try again.
3// Does the LFS community reccommend against doing this (for any reason?



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