LFS 6 from LFS 5

Ken Moffat ken at kenmoffat.uklinux.net
Fri Apr 1 13:41:21 PST 2005

On Fri, 1 Apr 2005, Justin Julian wrote:

> Greetings,
> I have had several successful LFS / BLFS 4 builds from a host RedHad 8
> system. I have had just as many successful and VERY straitforward
> builds of LFS / BLFS 5 systems from BLFS 4 host systems.
> However,
> It has it been very difficult going from BLFS 5 to LFS 6. Binutils
> will not compile no matter what I do.

 Certainly, LFS-6+ puts more of a strain on the box (the newer
toolchain), and 6.0 gave more scope for error (particularly with udev),
but failing to compile binutils ?  What is abnormal or unusual about
your system ?

> Before proceeding with the LFS 5-6 attempt, I re-compiled a 2.6.11
> kernel using the GCC 3.X compiler. However, Binutils kept complaining
> about incompatible kernel header files. It did not find GNU-MP which I
> had to download and install from freshmeat. I replaced all of the 2.4
> kernel header files with the kernel 2.6 header files. However, I
> received all kinds of errors while compiling binutils, having to
> simlink xxxx.h files to and from subfolders within /usr/include. I
> gave up after simlinking the 5th header file (none of which seemed to
> have consistent required sources / destinations). It appears as though
> if the toolchain in LFS5 cannot be used to compile the toolchain in
> LFS6.

 I had to search for gnu mp to find what it was - I've never needed it.
But your talk of replacing the kernel headers sounds bizarre - LFS is
generally based on "here is /dev/hda6 (or whatever), build a system
on it, from your host on /dev/hda5 (or wherever)". In the fullness of
time you decide to upgrade, and do so by building the new system on
/dev/hda5 from /dev/hda6.  You sound as if you are attempting to do
something different, e.g. upgrade the system in-situ ?

 I'm still building my first usable LFS-6+ system (tried to build a lot
on a weird ppc box that had its own overheating and cache coherency
problems, and never managed to complete a bootable system), but I can
say for certain that building binutils is not a problem.

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