Do I Need to <setup> GRUB

Dan McGhee farmerdan at
Fri Apr 1 16:39:00 PST 2005

Justin Julian wrote:

>You should not have to re-run grub every time you change your
>grub.conf file (one of the many advantages of grub over LiLo). If you
>have properly installed grub, and can boot your host system with it,
>then you should just change your grub.conf file with the new
>Just make sure that the arguments you pass in the <kernel> statement
>are correct. Always be sure to back up the file before you modify it,
>and always make sure you have a boot / rescue disk handy. Always leave
>your host system as the default, and add the new system in a
>non-default position. If you select a non-default option at the grub
>menu, and grub cannot boot that OS, grub is usually quite good at
>kicking you back to the grub menu, and allowing you to choose another
>Clear as mud?
Hi Justin--thanks.

Yup.  Clear as mud.  But my problem is that I understand it. (LOL)


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