kbd-1.12 types.h parse error

Laurent Hugé huge.root at free.fr
Sun Apr 3 12:52:27 PDT 2005

Ken Moffat nous écrivait :

> Ok, I misunderstood - your file that breaks the compile looks ok,
> and the whole toolchain sounds ok.  I did once have a very obscure
> bug (typo in the POSIX version specified before building coreutils
> in chapter 5) which only showed up when I failed to build QT a long
> way down the line, so never rule things out.
> I suppose I'd better ask what optimisations you are using, and
> indeed what CPU you have.  At the moment, I'm casting around wildly
> trying to guess what went wrong.
My optimization flags are "-O3 -march=pentium2 -mmmx".
>> I don't know if it can help, but I've tried to build kbd outside
>> the chroot, and it builds well ; furthermore, the types.h of my
>> source system (knoppix) and of my lfs are really different (I can
>> post the diff file if you want).
> I took a quick look at my own log from building kbd, but nothing of
> interest shows around where you had the error.  Perhaps the way
> forward is to run a fresh configure on a freshly-untarred kbd, both
> in chroot and on the host system, and then diff both kbd directories
> with diff -u on the host.  There will be a lot of differences
> because of different compilers etc, but if you save the output as a
> file and then look at it in 'view' with syntax highlighting you
> might be able to spot something.  I'm guessing the Makefile in this
> subdirectory, and perhaps the config.log in the top-level directory
> might be the most interesting parts.
I'm afraid the kbd configure isn't very verbose. It doesn't provide a 
config.log and the configure and Makefile are nearly the same (one difference 
about DATADIR, in one case /usr/share/ and on the other /usr/share/kbd).

That drives me to last two questions :
 - do you think an automated lfs can drive me out of the deep ?
 - how can I directly post with knode (news reader) in lfs.support : I receive 
the message "404 posting not allowed" and am obliged to use the mailing list 
with kmail (I precise I've got no problem with other newsgroups) ?

Thanks anyway for your help,
Laurent Hugé.
GPG fingerprint = 0C2C E683 528B 481F AA27  30A1 B55E 6B89 FA7F 44C0

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