chapter 5 - binutils pass 1 - slackware 10.1

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Mon Apr 4 12:22:42 PDT 2005

martin boehnert wrote:

> so you say i should just use the testing version of book and all is 
> fine? sounds nice... but where are the disadvantages???

The only disadvantage is that it *might* not build.  There have been 
several problems reported which I've not got around to fixing yet. 
There's only two which directly affect the build:

1. glibc fails some tests when run on recent kernels (2.6.11), so
    running the testsuite needs to be done via:
    'make -k check'

2. e2fsprogs needs a sed performing before you run ./configure:
    sed -i.bak 's/-DTEST/$(ALL_CFLAGS) &/' lib/e2p/

Hopefully I'll get some time tonight to fix these, and the other minor 
issues up.



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