Making LFS bootable from hdc

Joel Miller cheeziologist at
Wed Apr 6 00:05:29 PDT 2005

Dan McGhee wrote:
> You've indicated that your LFS partition is /dev/hdc1 and your root 
> command is (hd1,0). This translates, I believe, to /dev/hdb1. At any 
> rate to you have an appropriate entry for LFS in /boot/grub/menu.lst in 
> the Suse9.1 partition?

IIRC, that's not true. I think Grub uses a syntax of the first harddrive 
it finds is hd0. The second harddrive it finds is hd1, etc. Thusly, if 
the OP does not have a hard drive as the slave on the first ide chain, 
then the hd at /dev/hdc would be hd1.

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