Making LFS bootable from hdc

Joel Miller cheeziologist at
Wed Apr 6 00:11:05 PDT 2005

Iñaki de la Fuente wrote:
> I've been following LFS 6.0 and I've arrived at the make bootable point.
> My host system is Suse9.1 (on /dev/hda1) and my LFS is on /dev/hdc1
> That's because later this LFS would go on another machine on /dev/hda1 
> but first I want to boot it at least one time on /dev/hdc1
> My question is how should I configure grub? 
> I've proved
> root (hd1,0)
> seup (hd1)
> And everything seems to be correct but when I boot machine it boots suse9.1
> so I suppose that I'm doing something bad, anyone can help me??

A few things. First, although unrelated to your problem, is to make sure 
than your entries in /etc/inittab correspond to /dev/hda entries if the 
hd will be hda in your new system. Second is to make similar changes in 
your grub menu.lst. Thirdly is that your machine still boots to suse9, 
because (IIRC) when the BIOS on your machine goes to look for the master 
boot record, it will look for the one on the first harddrive. Since you 
only overwrote the MBR on a harddrive in your machine that wasn't the 
first harddrive, your BIOS still loads the MBR from your first hd which 
contains the instructions to boot slack.

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