bash - get no prompt back after executing a command - 100% CPU

Oliver ol_lfs at
Wed Apr 6 07:42:01 PDT 2005


There's a problem with the bash in my new LFS 6.0 system.
The system is booting, I can login ... but after the execution
of a simple command (ls, less ....) I don't get back the prompt.
The bash then uses nearly 100 % CPU and the only thing I
can do is "kill -9" with the bash process.
If I use the bash binary from my host (debian 3r4 , bash2.05)
everything is o.k.
"ldd" said both binaries are linked against the same libraries.
I've tried to compile bash3 and bash2 with and without build-in
readline. With and without patches. Nothing helps.
The only thing I changed from the standard LFS 6.0 book is the
Glibc. I took the final version 2.3.4. Not the CVS version (20040701)
 which comes with the other packages in the tarball.

thx all for your help

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