Error compiling Expect-5.43 in chapter 5

Cheops Cheops at
Thu Apr 7 08:20:59 PDT 2005

Hi folks, I am compiling lfs 6.1 on my old pIII 800mhz

After a 10 days off struggeling, I got passed the first toolchain
adjustement yesterday... :)  It has been alot of fun so far, the
challenge of searching what could be wrong and the reward of getting
things compiled like they should is great.

I compiled TCL with no problems at all, but then disaster struck once
more when compiling expect 5.43.0 I got the following error :

\\ gcc -pipe -c  -I.  -I.  -I/mnt/lfs/sources/tcl8.4.9/generic
\\ -DEXP_VERSION=\"5.43.0\" -DSCRIPTDIR=\"/tools/lib/expect5.43\"
\\ -DEXECSRIPTDIR=\"tools/lib/expect5.43\" -DTCL_DEBUGGER
\\ -DUSE_NON_CONST -DSTTY_BIN=\"/bin/stty\"  -DDFLT_STTY="\"sane\""
\\ exp_command.c
\\ exp.command.c: In function 'expSetpgrp':
\\ exp.command.c:529: error: too many arguments to function 'setpgrp'
\\ make: *** [exp_command.o] Error 1

Now I have been looking arround for a solution , and reading the except
FAQ I stumbled upon this  :

\\ # Why do I get compile errors on setpgrp?
\\ Why do I get errors like this one:
\\ exp_command.c:1220: too many arguments to function `setpgrp'
\\ Edit the code and remove the arguments to setpgrp. Or upgrade to
\\ Expect 5.31 (or later) which adapts automatically.

Now think of me as stupid, but isn't this outdated? And reading this i
should think I should not have gotten the error. (I have informed the
friendly people of expect, to ask if it is normal to have this with a
version older then 5.31  , waiting for an answer on their behalve.

But I was wondering if one could see my problem, and a possible solution
:-)  And if the solution is editing the source, wich sourcefile should I
edit then?

Any help is appreciated!


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