LFS + BLFS: planning disk space

DJ Lucas dj at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Apr 7 21:10:27 PDT 2005

Glenn Becker wrote:

> should I make the partition larger than 3G?

Well, on my recent BLFS build, no stripping or anything like that, I got
lazy and am using only one 80GB partition for everything.  My current
disk usage is 25.3GB, the majority of which is in /home.  /home is
currently 16GB which really should be a separate partition.  Soo
approximately 9.3GB is being used.  Now, take into account that my
sources are still in /usr/src/sources  at 4.6GB and I have multiple
src680 (OOo-2.0 branch) builds and 3 J2SDKs installed.  I also have e17,
flux, Gnome and KDE installed, and FGFS and eclipse both qualify as
large installs.  These total around 1.8GB.

7GB should be more than safe I think for the typical full blown BLFS
(4GB by my count but lets not forget a little padding given the cost of
a MB nowadays and the amount of space required for building the larger
packages like j2sdk and OOo) If it turns out not to be enough, then
there are quite a few utils availble for a fairly safe way to resize
later if needs be.  I hear parted is nice, though I've never used it.
It'd be nice to see other's more common disk usage to use as a furthur

-- DJ Lucas

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