Problem in XFree86

Mukesh Kaushal mukeshk at
Thu Apr 7 22:43:19 PDT 2005

Hello there
I 've made a fully customized linux system and it is workin' well. Now I 
am goin' to make another system. I 've made shell successfully and now a 
days workin' on GUI. I am followin' blfs book- 5.1.1. I 've installed 
XFree86. My PATH and PKG_CONFIG_PATH are set as mentioned in the book. 
But all X commands are not workin'.
It is showin' the msg that "could not open libraries or no such file or 
I 've checked the whole system again and again. Every thing is fine and 
XFree86 command is workin' well. It gives a grey background with a X 
shaped mouse pointer but next STARTX command or XCLOCK or anyother 
command of X is not workin' and showin' the same msg.
Plz suggest me what could be wrong????


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