BLFS starting point

Andrew Benton andy at
Fri Apr 8 04:42:53 PDT 2005

Donal Farrell wrote:
> Hi there. Is it possible to build BLFS from my host system (SuSE) until
> I have a GUI-based LFS-system to view the BLFS manual, etc?
Do you mean "is it possible to do BLFS in chroot"? I think the answer is yes, 
provided you're running the same kernel on your host system as you'll be using with 
your BLFS system. I don't recommend it though as I think you're missing out on an 
important part of LFS if you don't learn to become comfortable at the command prompt 
(and wear some sackcloth and ashes while you're at it). If you get bored of entering 
the commands and want to avoid typos, think about putting all the commands in a 
script which can be left to run unattended.

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