undefined reference error

Richard Hamilton warbirdnut at ev1.net
Fri Apr 8 21:17:45 PDT 2005

developerman wrote:

>While compiling TCL (in building temporary system) or later when rebuiling binutils error "undefined reference" has occured. GLIBC test was fault with c++-types test. 
>What to do?
>What is reason?
Are you talking about NULL not being defined in strstr.c in the tcl 
package? Take a look at this:


Funny thing is that some LFS user reported the bug sourceforge, but I couldn't find anything in the LFS support archives. I ran across this error earlier this week. 

Isn't this a canidate for a lfs patch? I looked at the main FAQ but I didn't see how to report this type of problem. It is a bug in the tcl package. 

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