BLFS starting point

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Fri Apr 8 22:09:22 PDT 2005

Donal Farrell wrote:

>Hi there. Is it possible to build BLFS from my host system (SuSE) until
>I have a GUI-based LFS-system to view the BLFS manual, etc?
Richard and Andrew have taken you some of the way, but I'll throw in my 
2 cents worth anyway :)

As is mentioned in the new LFS book at the end, adding a little extra 
stuff in chroot will help.  Here's my personal recommendations for a 
minimal *useful* system after the initial reboot.:

Lynx or Links
Any special software needed for networking (PPPoE, PPP, DHCP).

If you're the type who wants to have a support option, you could also 
add in pkgconfig, glib2, and irssi here as well, giving you the ability 
to join the IRC support.

By doing this, you can easily get base web functionality available to 
you on the initial reboot (networking and Lynx/Links), Cut/Paste ability 
for those nasty sed lines in build commands (GPM), and easy downloading 
of packages (Wget).

The comment regarding kernel's being different only comes into play for 
packages that build kernel modules (ALSA and *sometimes* X).  Anything 
else can be built from chroot successfully.

My own personal process is to build the entire LFS book, and build the 
following packages from BLFS:

OpenSSL, OpenSSH, Wget, Libpng, Freetype, Fontconfig, Expat, and Xorg.  
I also get the Nvidia drivers package, and the static binary of Opera 
downloaded before rebooting.  After the reboot, I throw in the Nvidia 
drivers, install Opera to /opt, configure X, and start up X using twm.  
That way, I can use Opera until I make it to the point where I can build 
Firefox from source, at which time Opera gets deleted.



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